San Antonio, TX


A 501c3 nonprofit food truck that feeds quality and healthy meals to the homeless, hungry, and beyond.

Founded by Joan Cheever

San Antonio, TX

Founded by Joan M. Cheever, in March 2011, to serve the hungry, food insecure and homeless residents of San Antonio, gourmet, restaurant quality and healthy food on the streets of San Antonio.
  • Locally Sourced Produce
  • 501c3 Nonprofit
  • Volunteers
  • Hot and Healthy
  • Gourmet/Restaurant Quality
  • Disaster Relief
  • Community Events

The Rachael Ray Show

The Chow Train was recently featured on the Rachael Ray Show. Click here to see the video!

Disaster Relief

The Mission of The Chow Train is to heighten public awareness of the hungry, homeless and food insecure in the United States. 

Community Events

We partner with non-profit organizations to meet the needs of the hungry, homeless and food insecure throughout the country, all for educational and charitable purposes.